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Nick Ruddock’s Yurchenko Systems For Building Power and High Level Vaults

I’m super grateful to be friends with Nick Ruddock, one of the world’s most sought after coaches for technical and strategic development. He has worked in the highest levels of the sport, ranging from being a personal and national level coach to consulting with over 21 National Gymnastics Federations.

He is one of the most popular guests on the podcast, and after our first discussion about vault techniques (find that here) many people wanted him to come back and discuss more detail on Yurchenko’s.

So, Nick did just that. He joined our charity stream two months ago to help with COVID-19 Hunger Relief and delivered a phenomenal presentation.  He covered,

  • His basic principles of Sight, Stiffness, Shape, and Speed
  • The physical preparation needed for high-level vaulting
  • His favorite running and approach drills
  • His thoughts on round off snap down and position
  • Developing good action on to and off of the table
  • Common issues and problems people face

Below is the audio podcast recording, as well as the entire video lecture I recorded. Hope you find it helpful!

Nick Ruddock’s Yurchenko Systems To Build Power and High-Level Vaults