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Nick Ruddock Shares His Best Uneven Bar Methods for Giants, Flyaways, and Cast Handstands

Today on the podcast, we have a fan favorite, my good buddy, Nick Roddock is back on the show, and holy moly, are people gonna want to listen to this episode. Former British Junior National Coach, Nick is now a high-performance consultant…

Build Explosive Blocking Power with This Easy Upper Body Progressions

In this blog post, I outlined a handful of power exercise progressions for the lower body that I have found really useful. Due to how many people said it was helpful, I wanted to quickly put together a similar type of blog post for the upper…
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How Much Flexibility Is Too Much For A Gymnast?

I've been touching on this concept a lot in the last year, and I think it's very important for the people involved in gymnastics to consider. Gymnastics is well known as a sport that requires an excessive amount of mobility and flexibility (I…