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John Orozco Discusses His Elite Gymnastics Career and Offers Advice on Overcoming Injuries

Today on the podcast I am super grateful to be joined by accomplished and noted USA Elite MAG Gymnast John Orozco. He trained in Colorado Springs for most of his career, winning 3 medals at various world championships and representing the…
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Are Oversplits Bad for Gymnasts? Combining Science and Real Life in the Gym For Safe, But Effective, Split Flexibility Methods

Talk about a catchy blog title, right? Before anyone thinks I'm here to set fires, I'm not. The goal of this blog post is to give gymnastics and the medical world information, tools, and practical strategies to approach the topic of split and…
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Brain Spill #2: Thoughts on Movement Variability, Pain Science, and Overuse Injury

For some reason my reading has taken me a lot into the concepts of movement variability, the role of coordinative and elemental variability, and how this all plays into in skill performance.  I've always been curious about how athletes like…