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Knee Injuries in Gymnastics – A Complete Guide

In gymnasts, the knee joint has the highest rate of "severe" injuries. Unfortunately, this refers to injuries tending to cause the most tissue damage and pain when they occur. Many knee injuries also tend to create the most missed time from…
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The Need to Change Landing Deductions in NCAA Gymnastics for Less Knee and Ankle Injuries

Changing how gymnasts are taught to land, in an effort to reduce the risk of serious knee injuries like ACL or meniscus tears, is something that has been talked about for the last 10+ years. I was very grateful and humbled to be asked by…
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11 Crucial Ways to Combat Impact Knee and Ankle Injuries in Gymnastics

Impact knee and ankle injuries, unfortunately, are something that plague many gymnasts. This is mainly because young athletes are exposed to massive impact forces that may reach 8.8x - 14.9 times body weight, 1000's of times per month, and…