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Build Power and Core Control with These 3 Medball Exercises

Many athletes do a lot of isolated core work like side or front planks, hollow rocks, leg lifts, and so on. This type of core strength is valuable when in conjunction with teaching athletes the basics of breathing, bracing, spinal control.…
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5 Reasons Why Training Proper Breathing Is Key (Part 1)

I've hinted at breathing in a lot of my previous posts, but it definitely deserves its own feature. People may not think breathing is a big deal, but I can assure you it is.  Most athletes are unaware of their breathing patterns, except for…
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Gym Quick Tips: Cue Your Gymnast’s Core with The Moving Fulcrum Conditioning Drill

As many people who follow my blog may know, I have written about my concerns with doing high volume dynamic arch up type conditioning with gymnasts. This includes lots of arch ups/superman's, uppers, lowers, weighted arching, and so on. Although…