My Worst and Best of 2016

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Right around this time of the year, many people look back on the last 12 months and share their best of the best content. I wanted to take a different spin on my yearly post of this nature. For one, rather than share blog posts I wanted to include other aspects related

A Brain Spill on Mechanical vs Neurological Effects in Physical Therapy (Part 1)

Background  I think one of the most controversial / debated topics in the current Physical Therapy scene is whether mechanical vs neurological mechanisms drive effects seen for both manual therapy and exercise (spoiler alert it’s probably both). Over the last 4 years of diving into continuing education and research, it’s pretty

Healthcare Quick Tip – Unique Eccentric Exercise for Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy in Gymnasts/Dancers

I have worked with quite a few cases of proximal hamstring tendinopathy and/or ischial apophysitis in the last year. The cases I work with tend not be the “Type 1” running/sprinting based mechanisms commonly seen and discussed in literature, but more the aesthetic based sport population like gymnastics, dance, and so on.

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