Free 10 Minute Ankle PreHab Circuit for Gymnasts!

I get asked all the time what stretching, exercises, and balance work is best for gymnasts to help reduce the risk of ankle injuries.

If you look at the research (more here and here) ankle injuries are definitely one of the most common injuries gymnasts face, particularly ankle sprains and pain in the front of the ankle from short landings.

While unfortunately there isn’t a golden secret or magic exercise to prevent all injuries, there are a lot of things we can do to reduce risk and try to stay ahead of them.

Things like soft tissue care, direct strength work, balance work, and workload management.

With so much to do in the gym, about 1000 prehab exercises on the internet to choose from, and not a lot of spare time, it can be hard to fit it all in.

So, to help people out, I made this “10 Minute Ankle Prehab Circuit” PDF for gymnasts, coaches, and parents to use. It outlines the exercises I find really helpful, and has links to YouTube for you to watch on each exercise. Getting these in 1-2x/week can be really helpful.

Download SHIFT's Free Gymnastics Ankle PreHab Circuit PDF

10 minute circuit PDF with exercises linked to YouTube for soft tissue care, strength, balance, and gymnastics drills.

Want All of My Gymnastics Prehab Circuits?

I know that PreHab circuits are something a lot of coaches, parents, and gymnasts want to build into their routine. But like I said, it can be really stressful trying to find the right exercises, not waste time in the gym, and feel like what you are doing is worth it.

So, I took some time to make a full set of PreHab circuits for each major joint a gymnast may struggle with. This includes the ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder, and elbow/wrist.

I also made a 40 minute lecture sharing what goes into my PreHab circuits, why I make them, and how to change things to make your own circuit.

This new lecure and all the PreHab circuits will get released in 3 days exclusively to Hero Lab members. 

You can get this and 25+ more hours of gymnastics strength/flexibility/culture/drill info by signing up for our gymnastics education platform The Hero Lab for just $9.


Hope it helps!

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