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Becky Downie on Overcoming Adversity and Lessons From 15 Years in Elite Gymnastics

Today on the podcast I am excited to bring back an episode we actually did three years ago. 

I wanted to share this episode again now with Becky Downie, due to the recent podcast with her younger sister Ellie. 

Becky now 30 is a double Olympian for Great Britain becoming Commonwealth Champion on bars not once but twice, European Champion on bars, and World silver medalist on bars.

I was really fortunate to sit down and interview Becky back in 2019 and talk about overcoming adversity in her career, injuries, the ups and downs, and how she continues to work hard and be positive given her long career. 

We also talk about her sister and given how popular the episode with Ellie was, I wanted to reshare this episode with Becky as a lot of people who are new to the podcast might not realize that we have this fantastic episode with Becky.

I also wanted to bring it back and tie these two episodes together because they both have so much incredibly, valuable information that coaches, gymnasts, medical providers, and particularly parents should study and learn from.

To really understand how to get the best out of athletes and help them with their performance, increase the longevity of their career whilst staying as healthy and happy as possible. 


We discuss:

What would Becky do differently now looking back on her gymnastics journey?

How to deal with stress as a gymnast.

The secret to Becky’s long and successful career.

Overcoming injuries and sets backs, advice from an Olympian.


How Becky balances adult life, the Doubledownies Company, alongside being a full-time elite athlete. 


Becky Downie on Overcoming Adversity and Lessons From 15 Years in Elite Gymnastics


Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science