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Bigger Leaps and Jumps with Specific Leg Conditioning Plans

This week on the podcast we have a very exciting episode that I think is going to be very popular for anyone who’s looking to get better jumps, leaps, and dance elements. 

This was a free consult with Emilie, who won one of our giveaways during Peak Gymnastics Power course launch week. 

Diwesh Poudyal Head of Strength and Conditioning and Director of Fitness at Champion Physical Therapy, and I got together to answer any question she had. 

Her biggest concern was that her gymnasts have good active flexibility, but their jumps and leaps are not where they need to be, whether it’s form issues, jump height, or obtaining harder upgrades. 

We also talked about how to get more power and strength and development for her athletes, focusing on takeoff to improve skill dynamics in jumps, leaps, and tumbling.

It was a very productive conversation, and it was cool because we really put our heads together to answer her questions and shared our knowledge from the gymnastics side but also the strength conditioning performance side. 

We actually ended building her a program from scratch, so if you want to see that program and understand why we’re doing certain exercises and conditioning, you can check it out on YouTube. We discuss: 

  • How to get power in leaps.
  • Why you should stop using ankles weights in active flexibility.
  • Improve vertical power, make sure you’re not neglecting your training.
  • Are your gymnasts too reliant on the sprung floor?
  • Why you can’t just do jumps and leaps to get better at jumps and leaps.
  • How to make the most of your warm-ups and integrate strength exercises.

To listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher click below:

Bigger Leaps and Jumps with Specific Leg Conditioning Plans


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Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science