Keys to Artistry & Choreography in Floor Routines with Chloé van Bavel

Artistry and choreography are key components in creating a successful floor routine for a gymnast. 

In this episode of The Shift Show, I have a wonderful conversation with Chloé van Bavel, a renowned Dutch choreographer and artistry expert in the gymnastics world, about her insights and experiences in creating floor routines that are both technically sound and artistically expressive.

Chloé van Bavel draws on her diverse background in gymnastics, dance, music, coaching, and sports psychology to create holistic and innovative choreography. 

With experience as an elite gymnast in the Netherlands, classical dance student, and gymnastics coach, Chloé has been able to learn from the best technical coaches in women’s artistic gymnastics and apply that knowledge to her work. 

She has a passion for combining her interests in gymnastics, dance, coaching, and education, and spends most of her time developing and connecting these areas to unlock the artistic potential of her clients. 

Chloé is a coach and choreographer for the junior national WAG team and Dutch National Talent Training Series.

One of the challenges faced by coaches is helping gymnasts who may be shy or introverted and lack the technical background in dance. 

Chloé suggests that coaches should focus on creating a safe and encouraging environment for the gymnasts to express themselves, and to gradually build up their confidence and skills through small and achievable goals.

She believes that choreography should be tailored to the gymnast’s strengths and style so that they can perform it with confidence and authenticity.

Creating exercises that help gymnasts develop a positive self-image and inner confidence.


We discuss:

  • The ingredients for an outstanding floor routine.
  • How to bring out the best in not gymnasts who are shy or not natural dancers.
  • Tips on how to help gymnasts enjoy dancing.
  • Finding the right piece of music.
  • Where to find inspiration for choreography.
  •  Gymnastics vs. Ballet
  • Getting out of your dancing comfort zone for gymnasts and coaches. And…
  • Why rules are the enemy of creativity.


Keys to Artistry & Choreography in Floor Routines with Chloé van Bavel


If you are looking to learn more about artistry and floor routines, Chloé will be giving a lecture on Dance, Choreography, and Artistry at The Shift Symposium:


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– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science