Nutrition is one of the most important, but most complex topics for gymnastics coaches, parents, and athletes to understand.

While we don’t think that coaches/parents should be expert nutritionists (they should work with professionals) it is very important they know the basics about fueling properly.

Between mainstream media misinformation, constantly changing recommendations, and gymnastics culture having a history of body image/underfueling, it can be a lot.

So, we got a lot of feedback from the SHIFT community that they really wanted some help with a better understanding of Nutrition specifically as it relates to gymnasts. In all levels from your compulsory to your optional/elite athletes.

So, we decided to reach out to the experts, Christina from The Gymnast Nutritionist made a full, 55-minute lecture with loads of Information Including topic such as: 

  1. The Dangers of Unintentional Under-eating in Gymnastics
  2. Why “Clean Eating” is not enough for gymnast
  3. Intraworkout Nutrition information for Coaches
  4. Hydration 101: Best action plan for avoiding dehydration

This is just a small sneak peak of an amazing lecture which is now live to members of our online gymnastics educational group, The Hero Lab, TODAY. 

You can get this new Nutrition lecture and 25+ more hours of gymnastics strength/flexibility/culture/drill info for 50% off of your first month using the code “Nutrition50” when you sign up for our gymnastics education platform The Hero Lab. 

What Gymnastics Coaches Need To Know About Nutrition

You can also get this Free Guide for a  Competitive Gymnast Snack CHEAT SHEET  which can be easily printed and handed out to you athletes as a starting place for their nutrition journey.

You can find that PDF here:


Hope it helps!