How to Have Your Best Competitive Gymnastics Season Part 3 – In Season

This week on the podcast is part three of the four-part series which we have already had some great feedback from; on how to get the most success out of the competitive year in gymnastics.

Firstly we explored and discussed the foundational concepts in which we need to consider year-round, then last week we used them to break down the Pre Season and how best to program for success.

This week we move onto the In-Season where we are thinking about how to optimize our athlete’s training for the meet season.

Building upon the foundational concepts from the Pre Season and discussing how do we hit meets? 

How do we get really good routines? 

How do we get athletes mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to handle a long demanding season?

How do we make sure they’re still progressing towards their goals? 

I’ll be using the same quadrant structure to explain how I approach and plan the In Season to really get the most out of every single meet.

I explain workouts, and side stations you can do on each of the events during the competitive season to ensure your athletes will be ready for mock meet situations and the big events.

During the In-Season we’re not trying to go crazy and build strength or an engine in our gymnast, with the latest research and my experiences with phenomenal coaches I’ll share the strength conditioning, cardio system, and maintenance care work you should be doing.

Once again we will talk about athlete wellness and the different aspect you should be focusing on now in the In Season.

Staying ahead of overuse injuries, not letting them bite us in the butt towards the end of the year, but having things in place at the begging of the season so we don’t have nagging injuries.

I DISCUSS; The main goals of In Season.

Yearly planning and how to peak at the right time.

What strength and conditioning should look like In Season and example workouts.

When and how do you deload sessions.

Have your athlete got a wellness journal?

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How to Have Your Best Competitive Gymnastics Season Part 3 – In Season

Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science