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Justin Spring of Alabama Gymnastics Discusses The Rise of NCAA & Coaching Tips

Today on the podcast I am super stoked to have Justin Spring former NCAA gymnast known for his daring and impressive skill set and helping his Illinois team to multiple championship titles. 

During his time at College, he also represent the USA at world championships and helped Team USA win Bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

From being an Olympian to coaching the Illinois men’s gymnastics team, Justin has had an incredible journey and discusses his experiences and shares valuable coaching tips.

Having been a part of the sport for over two decades, Justin explains how the NCAA has transformed gymnastics and made it more competitive. 

He also shares his thoughts on the cultural and educational changes that have contributed to the sport’s growth.

Last year Justin transitioned from coaching men’s gymnastics to women’s gymnastics.

He talks about the challenges he faced and the changes he made to his coaching style to adapt to the new team dynamics.

The episode is a treasure trove of information for coaches and gymnasts alike. 

Justin’s practical tips on coaching, building team culture, and maintaining a positive attitude are a must-listen for anyone looking to excel in gymnastics.

We discuss:

  • Justin Spring’s Olympic gymnastic journey.
  • Transitioning from being a gymnast to coaching.
  • The psychological state of being excellent. 
  • How to build mental fortitude and strength. 
  • The differences between coaching men’s and women’s gymnastics. 
  • Breaking down air awareness to improve landing and sticking.
  • The importance of taking time to get to know athletes. 
  • How to show athletes that you care about them. 
  • Pointing the finger vs. pulling the thumb. And…
  • What can we expect from Alabama Gymnastics in the years to come?


Justin Spring of Alabama Gymnastics Discusses The Rise of NCAA & Coaching Tips


Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science