Gymnastics coaches frequently contact me with questions on a range of topics related to flexibility, strength, culture development, injuries, and much more.

Recently, as part of a give away for launching our brand new Hero Lab and SHIFT HQ online gymnastics group, I offered off a free consulting session for one lucky winner.

Last month, my great friend Eva Shute and I sat down with the winner, Katie, to answer all her questions!

It ended up being a fantastic conversation, and we touched upon a lot of really common questions. I wanted to make sure I shared it as a podcast, as there was a ton of value I know listeners will get out of it.

We discuss

  • What to do with athletes that are naturally not flexible
  • Rebuilding strength and skills following the COVID break
  • Having hard conversations with gymnasts/parents who are considering quitting the sport
  • Managing athletes with lower motivation, or who seem to always have an excuse in practice
  • How to help prevent burnout in coaches and staff by handling conflicts directly
  • When to ice, and when to not, based on new research
  • How to deal with frustrating parents
  • How to manage a busy gym with many athletes when the athlete’s goals differ widely

Advice Every Gymnastics Coach Needs to Hear on Flexibility,
Gymnasts Retiring and Managing Goals