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How Gymnastics Can Build a New Path Forward for Culture and Training

With gymnastics changing so fast, we are seeing massive new discussions on training techniques, cultural practices, the ongoing scandals, and how to have some hard conversations.

In the last 6 months, I have been getting asked by a lot of people my thoughts on everything going on related to these topics.

I get 30 or so messages or emails per week with people asking questions like

  • “I want to be a part of change so our gymnasts and coaches are happier, but where to I start?”
  • “If we want to change our culture, but some people are resistant or stubborn, how should we handle this?”
  • “There is so much information to learn online, I feel so overwhelmed about where to start. What do you suggest?”

These questions, and the specific questions surrounding helping gymnasts with injuries, motivation, or getting new skills, are all great. But, they are really hard to give answers on as they are complex and have lots of variables.

Recently, I was asked to do a podcast on all things Gymnastics culture and training with Ryan Zeisloft of the Gifted Performance podcast. We discussed,

  • Why the recent scandal in gymnastics has caused so much cultural change
  • My thoughts on how the cultural change issue got to a boiling point
  • The 3 thing I think must change in our sport to help athletes, coaches, and parents be happier
  • The changes we need to make in science-based flexibility, strength, cardio, and injury prevention
  • What changes need to be made at an individual, club, and national governing body level to rebuild trust

There is a TON of great valuable content that people working in gymnastics will want to hear in this one. You can check it out below!


How Gymnastics Can Build a New Path Forward for Culture and Training



I hope you find it helpful! Have a great week,

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS