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Lucas Wasson of Ohio State Women’s Gymnastics on What Success Means

I’m excited to get the ball rolling back on some podcasts and guest interviews! I’ve been working like crazy to get some great guests lined up for the next month, and today we’re kicking things off with a great start.

Lucas Wasson is the assistant coach of Ohio State Women’s Gymnastics team, and prior to his time at OSU he was a very successful Level 10 JO coach. Due to his dual perspectives, and many of his other great coaching philosophies, I asked him to come on the podcast and share his best advice. We ended up having a fantastic chat covering a range of issues including

  • The core philosophies and habits coaches need to be successful
  • What changes need to be made to lower injury and burnout rates in gymnastics
  • How he balances athlete health with pushing high-level performance
  • His thoughts on the current climate of gymnastics culture
  • How the NCAA has changed, and his thoughts on recruiting policies

I promise this will give you loads of insight regardless of if you are a coach, athlete, medical provider, or parent.

You can listen to the entire podcast by clicking here,

Ohio State’s Lucas Wasson on What Success Means in Gymnastics