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Complete Gymnastics Shoulder Performance – How To Develop Flexibility, Strength, and Power

I’ve really been looking forward to posting this, as it has been something a ton of people email or message me about. High-level shoulder performance is absolutely critical for gymnastics. For one, it is the main joint that supports proper handstands, which then supports many gymnastics skills. In addition to this, powerful shoulders help produce high flying bar skills, high tumbling, and are the cornerstone of many men’s events.

The shoulder can sometimes be intimidating to people, so I sat down with my good friend and expert Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Lonsdale to sort things out. Last year we covered more lower body concepts (listen to that podcast on How To Increase Power in Gymnastics here)

We took a deep dive into the concepts of the shoulder so that people could learn about what goes on, and what they need to know for gymnasts they work with. In this 90 minute podcast, we cover a ton of information including

  • Why shoulder training is essential for gymnasts
  • Basic anatomy concepts to know
  • How to achieve full shoulder flexibility
  • How to get a baseline of strength, and what the balance of gymnastics to non gymnastics exercises should look like
  • How to transfer strength gains to power and endurance needed for routines
  • What injuries to be on the look out for, and how to reduce the risk of them

You can listen to the entire podcast here,

Complete Shoulder Performance – How To Develop Flexibility, Strength, and Power