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My Honest & Current Thoughts on Gymnastics Culture & Needed Changes (Part 1)

Today on the podcast, I have one of the most open and vulnerable conversations about how I feel gymnastics has changed and what still needs to change in terms of culture, weight training, flexibility, and being happier as a coach.

I was asked to come on the Omni Gymnastics podcast with Yohai and Jamie both ex-elite tumblers now coaches whose goal is to provide valuable knowledge and perspectives to coaches and gymnasts in the Trampoline, Double-mini Trampoline, and Tumbling world.

Our conversation evolved into an epic two-hour discussion, so the podcast will be broken up into two parts.

Part one I talk honestly about myself as a younger coach, I was egotistical and had the wrong mentality which ended up making me miserable.

This slowly crept into our gym and is something that I’m not proud of.

A lot of it came from insecurity and fear of judgment.

I hope this episode can help others feeling burnt out and unhappy with their job and give some practical advice.


We discuss:

  • My background in gymnastics. 
  • Coaching is a joint partnership towards a common goal. 
  • How to find true fulfillment in your personal life. 
  • Making a positive impact on someone’s life through coaching.
  • What separates gymnastics from so many other sports. 
  • What gymnastics teaches us about fear. And…
  • Athletes shouldn’t train more hours than their age.

My Honest & Current Thoughts on Gymnastics Culture & Needed Changes

(Part 1)



Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science