Exactly How I Plan Gymnastics Practices and Training Using Periodization

Trying to plan practices, weeks of training, and also squeeze everything into training hours is one of the most overwhelming things for coaches, medical providers, and strength coaches. If there isn’t a systematic process to planning and implementation, it just leads to tons of frustration and people throwing their hands up saying it’s too much.

Unfortunately, it also is the number one way to have gymnasts be at an increased risk of injury, burnout, and emotional distress. Without proper planning of the year broken down into cycles, months, weeks, days, and training plans, it’s like trying to drive across the country without a map. Sure you could get there, but there will be massive headaches and detours that burn both time and fuel.

This is one of the most common email and social media topics I get asked about, and I  wanted to try to put all my thoughts together for people who are approaching the next competitive year and offseason.

In this podcast, I talk about

  • Why we must start using more scientific ideas of periodization
  • The dangers of overdosing or underdosing training in gymnasts
  • How to look at the entire training year
  • How to break that down into 3-month chunks, weeks, days, and practices
  • Why I feel gymnastics skills, strength, cardio, and athlete health are essential ‘pillars’ that must be focused on all year
  • How I apply these principles to training
  • How listeners can take the principles and build plans that enhance performance and  reduce injury risk

Also remember if you are looking for my entire book on Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning, you can get it for free here which provides way mroe detail on exercises, planning, and example workouts to use in the gym.

The Gymnastics Strength
and Power Guide

  • Methods and exercises for increasing strength and power in gymnasts
  • Explanations on why gymnasts should use both weight lifting and body weight strength
  • Teaches concepts of planning, specific sets or reps, and planning for the competitive year 

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The SHIFT Show – Exactly How I Plan Gymnastics Practices
and Training Using Periodization




Hope it helps!

– Dave