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Free Download of My Exact 3 Month Gymnastics Strength Program For Post COVID + Full Lecture

We are in a really strange spot right now in gymnastics, related to returning to training, needing a lot of physical preparation, and being a bit unsure how to safely get back to skills.

I have been working like crazy the last few months to help get our a game plan for safely phasing in our compulsory and optional level gymnasts. It’s really tough to rethink skills, drills, training plans, hours, strength, cardio, flexibility, and so on.

So, after spending lots of time thinking and brainstorming, I finally put together our ‘master plan’ for getting our athletes fully reconditioned. I have talked about this in past lectures, but I wanted to really dive deep to best help people.

So, I asked my good buddy and Gymnastics Strength and Conditioning Coach Dan Lonsdale to tag team and EPIC podcast. Dan is actively programming for lots of gymnastics facilities that are getting up and running post-COVID, and he is in the trenches every week. He gets it, and has experience working with coaches, clubs, and gymnasts facing the exact problems you are.

I wanted to explain exactly what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, the timelines we expect, and the inevitable challenges we know we will face. We also chat about some great research articles related to youth strength and conditioning and power. You can find those here,

Dahab, McCambridge 2009 Sports Health- Strength Training in Children and Adolescents Raising the Bar for Young Athletes?

Behm et al Frontiers of Physiology 2017 – Effectiveness of Traditional Strength vs. Power Training on Muscle Strength, Power and Speed with Youth: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Turner et al, JSCR 2020 – Developing Powerful Athletes, Part 1: Mechanical Underpinnings

I asked Dan to join me on this podcast so we could discuss the concepts, talk practical applications from the research articles, and get his feedback about different approaches for the gyms he workes with. In this podcast we cover,

  • The reality of what people should expect going back to gymnastics training
  • The timelines for developing strength, power, and cardio endurance after COVID
  • The biggest mistakes we’ve made before, and you should look out for
  • My exact workouts and structure for the first 2 weeks of ‘getting the rust out’
  • My exact workouts and plan for the first month of a strength block
  • My exact workouts and plan for rebuilding power, cardio, and basics within our new hour and social distancing/cleaning requirements

This episode is a monster, as we really wanted to go slow and deliver as much value as possible for people.

Also, you can download the entire plan of workouts and how I programmed them by clicking HERE (Link to Dropbox Folder)

You can listen below on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher, as well as watch the entire lecture for free on YouTube. Please share it if you find it useful!

Free Download of My Exact 3 Month Post COVID Gymnastics Strength Program + Full Lecture