This week I wanted to share a quick post one of my favorite shaping based strength exercises. It is by no means new, as sliders and these types of exercises have been around forever. Slider Tuck Through variations are something I have put into our strength in some form once per or twice per week. Here are two videos that show different progressions.

The gymnast starts in a push up position with their toes on the slider. While keeping core tension, they slide their feet through their hands, and then try to extend to a full open hip position. They then return through their hands and open to the starting push up shape.

Ways to regress or progress this include increasing or lower the mat height, bending or straightening the knees, adding holds at the starting or ending position, and adding walking/fall outs to either side. I see a lot of gymnast who will prop up on their thumbs to make it easier, but I personally would advise against that due to the strain on the thumb and wrist joints.

I still see a lot of gymnasts who don’t have the best execution of the exercise or aren’t at the appropriate level of challenge. According to the strength, height, or fatigue level of the athlete, we need to make sure we use the right height of mat and rep/set scheme. That way, we get the most out of the exercise and promote building good movement patterns and core control. Play around with them a little and give those a shot! Best of luck,

Dave Tilley DPT, SCS