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Renegade Rows for Core Strength and Horizontal Pulling Balance

Today I wanted to quickly share another one of my favorite go to exercises when working with athletes of all kinds. It is used to build core strength, core control, and upper body horizontal pulling strength This exercise is called a renegade row.

To perform this exercise have the athlete start in the top of a push up position, with their hands on two appropriately challenging dumbells (5lb – 15lb for most beginners). While keeping a flat hip and braced core position, the athlete will shift their weight one side and then row the opposite weight up to be even with their body. They slowly lower the weight back down, shift to the other side, and repeat.

Renegade rows are a fantastic two for one type exercise. For one they help to increase upper body pulling strength, which is commonly under trained in many people. This specific version is great because it helps focus on a unilateral row, while the opposite shoulder, elbow, and wrist is required to stabilize the body.

Second, this is a great core strength exercise that also builds in an anti – rotational component. This is another area that I find is very commonly under trained. For these reasons I use these regularly during both training and advanced rehabilitation programs. Depending on the training age and level of athlete, usually a few set of 8 – 12 ( Right and Left = 1) is enough.

Give them a shot, and hope you find them helpful!

– Dave Tilley DPT, SCS