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Understanding The Shoulder Pain Epidemic in CrossFit Athletes (Part 2 : Rotator Cuff Strength and Upper Body Balance)

Last week in Part 1 of this articles series, Dan and I offered two videos diving into how assessments and targeted mobility work can greatly help for CrossFit athletes who struggle with shoulder pain. Today in Part 2 we want to cover one of the most crucial areas to shoulder health in anyone training CrossFit: rotator cuff strength work, and horizontal pulling balances. Unfortunately, this is also an area that we see often overlooked in athletes from the recreational level all the way up to professional Regional/Games level athletes.


Research Notes

Just as with last week, Dan and I really believe in educating people with a combination of practical training tips but also evidence based science that is available. If you are someone who wants to dive more into the research, here are some great studies to check out.

Stay tuned for next week where Dan starts to dive into concepts related to programming, periodization, and training load. For now, hope this is helpful!

Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS