Really excited for this today! My good buddy and former Olympic Trampoline athlete for Team USA Steve Gluckstein was gracious enough to join me for a long podcast chat. Anyone who has followed Steve’s journey knows that he is a big advocate for using adjunctive weight lifting and cross-training to enhancing gymnastics performance and reducing the risk of injury. He also has quite the laundry list of athletic achievements over his career.

After the 2016 Olympic Cycle, steve transitioned into coaching and is now starting to do much more work helping younger athletes on their journey. Along with using progressive methods of weight lifting, Steve also has many updated thoughts about coaching philosophy, trampoline development, and thinking long term for athletes.

We also chat about how artistic gymnastics can benefit from using trampoline, and some of the best ways to approach it. During the end of our chat, we get into some more concepts about managing medical issues, working with medical staff, progressing back into training following injury, and other key issues for coaches/parents to follow.

You can find the entire interview here!

Steve Gluckstein on How Weightlifting Can Help Gymnasts
and The Benefits of Trampoline