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The 7 Most Common Handstand Problems and How to Fix Them

I've been meaning to write this article for a long time, as it's one of the most common issues I get questions about. Despite so many high-level athletes making them look easy, handstands are actually a super complicated skill with many moving…
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Master Handstand Push Ups With 3 Mobility Must Haves

Through CrossFit and many other fitness platforms, a lot of people are trying to pursue handstand and handstand push ups during training. Being a former gymnast and still being a coach, nothing makes me happier. However, many people are unfortunately…
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New Overhead Weight Bearing Shoulder Stabilization Exercise

Here is a stabilization drill I have started to use a lot to help weight bearing overhead athletes train dynamic stability. Many times the forces of handstands, impact, or other axial loads are very high and as a result injuries come up,…