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Free Beam Drill and Lesson Planning PDF!

One of the hardest things for gymnastics coaches to do is have a clear, laser-focused practice plan.

There are so many great drills, exercises, and circuits we want to use from online or clinics.

But, often times we are stuck with 30 minutes, a very rambunctious group of gymnasts, and less space/equipment than we would like.

Based on community feedback, we heard that beam can be one of the most frustrating events to plan for when you have limited time and so much to work on.

So, Tayor from our team made a VERY helpful Beam Lesson Planning PDF with lots of sample drills and exercises that she uses every day.

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Want The Best Beam Handstand Drills and Side Stations?

Again, we got a lot of feedback from the SHIFT community that they really wanted some help with basic, simple progressions for gymnasts who don’t have 5 days of practice and 20 hours per week to train.

So, to help out Taylor from our team actually made a full, 45 minute beam handstand and basics lecture complete with loads of drills, exercises, and easy-to-use side stations.

The Beam PDF above was made as a small piece of that epic lecture which is going out to members of our online gymnastics educational group, The Hero Lab, in 3 days.

Members will get the full lecture, all the drills, and the exact circuits that are perfect for younger gymnasts to have great beam handstand shapes.

You can get this new beam lecture and 25+ more hours of gymnastics strength/flexibility/culture/drill info by signing up for our gymnastics education platform The Hero Lab for just $9.


Hope it helps!


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