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Maximizing Xcel Practices, Best Core Exercises, and Gymnast Lifting Weights with Christina Meyers

Today on the podcast is a phenomenal discussion I had with Christina Myers, a gymnastic and strength and conditioning coach who works with Xcel groups.


Christina has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine and Nutrition and a Masters in Applied Exercise Science: Strength & Conditioning.


She is passionate about helping athletes look and feel strong and athletic while keeping a healthy and positive mindset.


I’ve had a lot of requests from the community to do more content on working with athletes that only train two to three times a week and how you fit all aspects of gymnastics training into that shorter time frame.


Christina works with Xcel groups who only train 5-10 hours per week, so they’re not training 20-30 hours per week, they want to do other sports, and school activities, they don’t want to compete as much and so it’s about alternative goals and not just hardcore gymnastics. 



We Discuss:


  • How to program S&C for a diverse group with a mixture of levels
  • Why progressing lifting weights is just like moving up the gymnastics levels.
  • Three simple exercises to introduce your athletes to squatting and deadlifting.
  • The key to a great program.
  • How to balance athlete’s high-level goals when training limited hours.
  • A simple trick to sprinkle in S&C and basics into a shorter session.
  • Did you there’s a better way to train the core than just doing leg lifts?
  • Back pain in gymnasts is rarely caused by a weak core.




The importance of S&C during puberty.


Maximizing Xcel Practices, Best Core Exercises, and Gymnast Lifting Weights with Christina Meyers


Christina recently shared her fantastic knowledge at our Shift Symposium, giving an insightful presentation on core training for gymnasts with a practical approach to programming for those who only train for 6-8 hours and how to fit it all in during a busy practice. To see the fantastic content Christina is putting out you can follow her on Instagram:



OR watch her Shift Symposium lecture:



Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science