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My Favorite 3D Hip Strength Exercise – Dynamic Side Plank Clamshells

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and New Year! Today I wanted to talk briefly about one of my favorite exercises I have started use a lot: the dynamic side plank clamshell. This is a combination of a few exercises, aimed to recruit certain…
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Sideplank Clam/Reverse Clam for Hip Strength – Video Quick Tip

I'm a huge fan of using doublets or triplets in our strength program to sneak in some much needed, but often overlooked, hip exercises for the smaller stabilizer muscles. They are so important for both injury prevention and optimal hip performance…
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Applying Hip Strength Drills For Reduced Pain and Increased Flexibility

Over the last year, I have shared a lot of my thoughts related to how I have drastically changed my approaches to hip and shoulder flexibility training. The "Gymnastics, Please Stop These Stretches" series I wrote (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) were…