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3 Tips To Reduce Shoulder Pain in Muscle Ups

By far the biggest problem that I work with CrossFit athletes for is shoulder pain. There are a variety of factors that go into what movement is causing the pain, but a common skills people say started their shoulder pain is muscle ups. Here…
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Swinging/Muscle Up/Kipping Advice To CrossFit Athletes From a PT and Gymnastics Coach

A few months ago, I started this series on some of my thoughts on injury prevention advice for people training gymnastics movements in CrossFit. In Part 1 I talked about general concepts, and in Part 2 I offered some ideas related to handstands.…
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Muscle Up Mobility and Progression Article with Dr. Dan Pope

Hey everyone, Last month I got asked by my good buddy Dr. Dan Pope if I would help him out to work on a muscle up article for his website Fitness Pain Free. The article highlights some good mobility, stability, and progression work people…