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Helping Parents & Coaches Navigate Competitive Gymnastics Together

Today on the podcast, I have some awesome information to help parents wrap their heads around competitive gymnastics. My good friend and crowd favorite Eva Shute Director of Gymnastics Operations and I sat down to address a frequent request…
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The Gymnastics Parents Episode – Handling Conflicts, Realistic Expectations, and Setting Boundaries

Gymnastics parents and gymnastics coaches are one of the most essential relationships that occur in our sport. Without great relationships, regular communication, and the ability to troubleshoot problems together, things can go sideways quick. That…
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The Hard Conversations Gymnastics Needs To Have

I'm so excited to get an absolute must hear interview up today about hard, but necessary, conversation with parents, gymnasts, and coaches. Last month, I wrote a very popular article, "7 Tips for Dealing with Stubborn Gymnastics Coaches, Parents,…