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The Need to Change Landing Deductions in NCAA Gymnastics for Less Knee and Ankle Injuries

Changing how gymnasts are taught to land, in an effort to reduce the risk of serious knee injuries like ACL or meniscus tears, is something that has been talked about for the last 10+ years. I was very grateful and humbled to be asked by…
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Skill Progressions, Mental Blocks, and Building Healthy and High Performing Gymnasts with Cale Robinson

Gymnastics requires a crazy amount of repetition, time, effort, and work to safely reach high levels of gymnastics. But often times, there is a tug of war between wanting to stay up to pace with an athlete's talent/dedication through training…
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Are Dips and “Skin The Cat” Type Stretches Dangerous For Female Gymnasts?

I've been brewing on this topic for over a year now, originally sparked one of Eric Cressey's articles on the possible dangers of using dips with baseball players.  Reading that article and some other literature made me start to scratch…