Gymnastics requires a crazy amount of repetition, time, effort, and work to safely reach high levels of gymnastics.

But often times, there is a tug of war between wanting to stay up to pace with an athlete’s talent/dedication through training intensity, and not overloading them physically or mentally.

I’m really happy that the podcast has become a place where we can have incredible coaches on who are achieving this balance well.

By talking with them, asking about their methods, and by analyzing the lessons they have learned, we all as a gymnastics community can evolve our thinking and best serve the gymnasts we coach.

Cale Robinson is a coach who has been able to show that there is a way to create high level gymnasts and progress along the skill path while still keeping health and athlete happiness as the priority.

He coaches at Ascend Gymnastics, and will soon be starting a sister facility to previously popular podcast guest Brett Wargo (find his episode here)

On this fantastic episode, we discuss

  • Essential shaping, basics, and foundational elements gymnasts need to be successful and healthy
  • How to get gymnasts to ‘buy in’ to some of these more boring parts of training
  • Helping gymnasts overcome mental blocks
  • Cale’s process for move-ups and the systems he uses
  • Managing parents, and having open communication skills
  • The “grey” areas of coaching related to having enough hours/intensity to make progress, but not overload them
  • Coaches need to keep athlete health as a priority in meets with scratching or routine modifications

I’m so grateful for Cale’s time, experience, and willingness to share his ideas with the gymnastics community.

Check it out on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher below.

Skill Progressions, Mental Blocks, and Building Healthy and High Performing Gymnasts with Cale Robinson