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Exactly How to Build Explosive Power in Gymnasts Using a Hybrid Lifting Program with Scott Willgress

In today’s episode of The Shift Show, I talk to Scott Willgress, strength coach for Ellie Black, and many other Canadian National Team gymnasts. Scott has over a decade of experience in developing hybrid models of gymnastic strength and…
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How To Train Harder and Smarter Using Workloads with Tim Gabbett and Scott Willgress

Many people in gymnastics (and all sports) are asking the same question - how do we train harder and boost performance without risking injury? It's a really good question. But, a really complicated one. There has been a massive surge in…
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Building Gymnastics Power and Speed with Ellie Black’s Strength Coach, Scott Willgress

It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of Ellie Black, particularly her approach to strength and conditioning programs. She regularly uses external loading, weights, and "non gymnastics' type strength programming to compliment what she does…