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11 Crucial Ways to Combat Impact Knee and Ankle Injuries in Gymnastics

Impact knee and ankle injuries, unfortunately, are something that plague many gymnasts. This is mainly because young athletes are exposed to massive impact forces that may reach 8.8x - 14.9 times body weight, 1000's of times per month, and…
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Treating Extension Based Lower Back Pain and Spondy Fractures in Athletes

Today I'm really excited to give people a podcast I think is going to provide a lot of value. I recently got asked by Dr. Zach Tallie to join his podcast, Max Effort Rehab, to talk about all things extension based lower back pain and spinal…
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Rehab Tips For Clinicians To Treat Gymnasts with Extension Based LBP – Part 3: Intermediate Phase

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to offer some of my thoughts around how I approach the rehabilitation program of a gymnast with extension based back pain. In part 1 I went over calming down acute hypersensitivity and addressing issues…