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Treating Extension Based Lower Back Pain and Spondy Fractures in Athletes

Today I’m really excited to give people a podcast I think is going to provide a lot of value. I recently got asked by Dr. Zach Tallie to join his podcast, Max Effort Rehab, to talk about all things extension based lower back pain and spinal stress fractures / spondy fractures in athletes. This is definitely the number one injury I have worked with over the last five years. As a younger coach, I’ve also unfortunately coached athletes who suffered stress fractures, and know all too well how devastating it can be. In this podcast I chatted about

  • What facet syndrome, stress reactions, stress fractures, and spondylolisthesis diagnoses mean
  • How I go about assessing and screening for stress fractures
  • When I get worried about stress fractures and send athletes for imaging
  • Difference between gymnasts, throwing athletes, or running athletes with extension based low back pain
  • My 5 phase return to sports framework, working form acute to maintenance care
  • How I communicate with parents, coaches, and other medical providers about managing injuries
  • Why my studies in stress neuroendocrinology and epigenetics relate to the rehab process, strength, and conditioning, and return to sports fears

Before you dive into the podcast, make sure you check out everything I think about related to gymnastics injuries in my new free e-book, which you can download here.

Changing Gymnastics Culture:

Reflections, Lessons, and Thoughts for the Future

By Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS

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You can check out the entire podcast by clicking below,

Max Effort Rehab Episode 19: Spondy Fractures and Neuroendocrinology with Dr. Dave Tilley