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Flexibility, Shoulder Injuries, and Longevity in CrossFit

The last month has been full of podcasts I’ve been lucky to be asked on. They have included,

To round out this month of podcasts, I’m ending with one that’s on the other side of my professional work and personal health life. I recently got asked to join Lachy and Raph on the Mind Muscle Podcast to talk about

  • General flexibility, but more specifically shoulder and hip flexibility, in CrossFit
  • Shoulder and Hip injuries in Olympic Lifting Movements
  • Shoulder injuries, shoulder health, and how Dan Pope and I work with CrossFit / Fitness athletes at Champion
  • Our medical and gymnastics work with the Power Monkey Camp staff
  • Characteristics of the highest performing athletes in CrossFit

This was a pretty epic interview, and I was happy to be able to provide some value to people. Just a warning, there is some explicit language in it (just having fun) so be aware of that. I learned a lot from listening to their point of view, and hope that people enjoy it! You can check it out through the link here,

The Mind-Muscle Episode Episode 201: Dave Tilley 


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Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS

CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science