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Release Skill Development and Battling Dismount Mental Blocks With Will Banthorpe

In today’s podcast, we are thrilled to have Will Banthorpe, an exceptional coach from the UK specializing in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. 

Will is Head of MAG at Pipers Vale Gymnastics Club, GBR with 23 years of coaching experience.

He is coach to several international gymnasts, coaching at multiple European and World Championships 

Today he share’s his expertise on a highly requested topic: high bar skills, specifically release moves and dismounts. 

Developing these skills safely and effectively, while also addressing the anxiety and fear associated with them, is crucial for young male gymnasts. 

We delve into valuable advice on safe development, skill progressions, and determining readiness for full release moves or dismounts. 

These areas can be murky for young coaches, but with Will Banthorpe’s vast experience in coaching high-level athletes, we have an incredible opportunity to learn from him.

We discuss:

  • Advice to coaches with high-level aspirations.
  • Do coaches really hide their coaching secrets?
  • The single most scary thing in gymnastics. 
  • Drills for flyaways.
  • Difference between dismount taps versus release skill taps.
  • Don’t do drills for the sake of doing drills.
  • How to identify suitable skills for individual gymnasts.
  • Staples for physical and mental preparation for high bar release skills. And…
  • What you should be doing with younger athletes now for success in the future.


Release Skill Development and Battling Dismount Mental Blocks With Will Banthorpe



We are excited to announce that Will Banthorpe will be delivering a high bar lecture at the upcoming Shift Symposium. 

This lecture will provide an in-depth exploration of the drills, progressions, and technical foundations he employs to achieve success. 

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Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science