From Clinic To Practice #4: Gymnast With Chronic Hamstring Injury and "Tightness" Due To Core Control Issues

I wanted to take a break from my back pain article series for this post, which actually fits in with it perfectly.  A few weeks back I spent the day at Connecticut Gymnastics Academy working with their gymnasts and brainstorming ideas with the owner Brock. Among the assessments I did was an

Getting an Elite Gymnast's Shoulders More Flexible By Not Stretching: From Clinic To Practice #3

Last week I posted Part 1 of this article, which was about a gymnast I evaluated with hip mobility issues and ongoing right-sided hip/leg injuries. It was incredible to see such a huge response, with just about 14,000 views in a few days. In that article I talked about how in some circumstances

Why Are My Gymnast's Hip Flexors Still Tight? 7 Alternate Nerdy Thoughts To Consider (Part 2)

Last week I put up Part 1 of this post, talking about some possible underlying drivers of chronic hip mobility issues in gymnasts. Although I narrowed in on hip flexors, the concepts apply to a lot of other regions in the body that seem to be constantly restricted. I talked about protective guarding from

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