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Is Insecurity and Fear of Social Judgement Driving Culture Issues In Gymnastics?

The Problem Changing gymnastics culture is by far the biggest conversation we are having in our sport. In my opinion, when you dig down to the real root issues two commonalities pop up: personal insecurities and/or fear of social judgment. These…

7 Culture Changes Gymnastics Needs for The Future

In the first few years of starting SHIFT, the most common questions I got from email or social media surrounded flexibility, injuries, physical preparation, or skills. In the last two years, one new question has replaced these in the number…
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New Podcast with Nick Ruddock on Gymnastics Culture

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of welcoming my good buddy Nick Ruddock to come spend a few days in Boston with me. While in town, he hung out for a day at Champion PT to watch some of our gymnastics rehab programs. He also spent some time…