Helping with Common Gymnastics Hip, Knee, and Ankle Injuries

Today I'm excited to bring everyone one of the most asked about topics in my work, which is discussing the most common injuries that gymnasts face. Because of how massive this of a topic is, I wanted to make sure I broke it up into digestible…
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11 Crucial Ways to Combat Impact Knee and Ankle Injuries in Gymnastics

Impact knee and ankle injuries, unfortunately, are something that plague many gymnasts. This is mainly because young athletes are exposed to massive impact forces that may reach 8.8x - 14.9 times body weight, 1000's of times per month, and…
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How Many Impacts and Hyperextensions Do Gymnasts Actually Take?

Another set of the age old questions in gymnastics; "How much is too much?", "How much is enough to get a skill?", and "How much until we get nervous about injury?"A big concept that myself and other gymnastics healthcare providers talk about…