Today I’m excited to bring everyone one of the most asked about topics in my work, which is discussing the most common injuries that gymnasts face.

Because of how massive this of a topic is, I wanted to make sure I broke it up into digestible chunks. So in this first 45-minute piece, I talk about lower body injury topics like:

  • Managing impact work to rest ratios
  • The need for proper landing mechanics
  • Management of soft tissue
  • Spectrums of similar injuries based on age and years in gymnastics
  • Hip Injuries
    • Hamstring Growth Plate Injuries (Ischial Apophysitis)
    • Hip Flexor and Groin Strains
    • Hip labral tears or joint inflammations
  • Knee Injuries
    • Overuse growth plate injuries (Osgood Schlatter’s, Sindin-Jarson-Johansen Syndrome)
    • ACL and Meniscus tears
    • OCD lesions and stress fractures
  • Ankle injuries
    • Overuse growth plate injuries (Sever’s Disease)
    • Ankle impact syndrome with bone bruises, OCD lesions, and bone fragments


You can listen to the entire podcast chat here, hope it helps!

The SHIFT Show – Helping with Common Gymnastics Hip, Knee, and Ankle Injuries