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Dr. Ali Arnold's Best Advice for Getting Gymnast's Over Mental Blocks and Managing Fear

There are a handful of universally frustrating things in gymnastics that make gymnasts, parents, and coaches equally stressed out. One of them is mental blocks on skills, or trying to help gymnasts take control of their fears. Dr. Alison…
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How Much is Too Much in Gymnastics? How Chronic Stress Impacts Young Athletes

Today on the blog I'm really excited to get out a new lecture that has been in the works for a while. It is one that I feel is the msot central topic currently facing gymnastics - how much is too much for young gymnasts? This podcast is from…

Must Have Nutrition, Mental Toughness, and Recovery Tips for Gymnasts

These tips from some friends of mine who are medical professionals, as well some tips from myself, were originally made for college gymnasts. They were the second part to this blog post offering advice from some of the best college…