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How To Build Gymnastics Performance Teams

This week’s podcast is a lecture that went out in my online membership group The Hero Lab, which is an online educational group for everyone in gymnastics; coaches, medical providers, strength and conditioning coaches, mental health providers, nutritionists, doctors, etc. where we provide lectures, share information, but also have group discussions.

Lots of The Hero Lab members wanted to learn more about how to start working with other professionals and get a foot in the door.

Such as medical providers wanting to start working with a gym to help gymnasts with screening, or strength coaches wanting to get in with some gymnastics clubs in the local area to help with conditioning.

Coaches wanted to know what they should look for in a medical provider, strength coach, sports psychologist, or nutritionist, and know the factors and qualities they should look out for because the reality is, that it’s challenging to find great professional experts in different domains that are highly qualified and interested in gymnastics specifically and understand the sport. 

So I took a step back, brainstormed, and put all this information together in this lecture around what I call a Gymnastic Performance Team, a team of people that you want on your side such as experts to help athletes and the parents get the best quality information. 

I share my experience of what I did to establish successful working relationships within the sporting community. 

But also what highly successful Colleges, National Staff, and Clubs do around the world that works really well, I breakdown what that model is so that hopefully other people can replicate it and gain the same performance benefits. 

If you are interested in The Hero Lab, which has 50 hours worth of lectures on flexibility, strength and conditioning, drills, skills, progressions, and everything under the sun for gymnastics, plus an awesome discussion group where people can ask me and other experts questions, go to:

It’s dirt cheap because I want to support the community and give people access to really good information.

I wanted to share this lecture as I think it’s a really important topic that lots of people are struggling with. 

I DISCUSS; The future of gymnastics and why we need Gymnastics Performance Teams?

Who is part of a performance team?

What characteristics, qualities, and qualifications make great performance team members?

5 practical things you can do to build performance networks.


Why you should focus on long-term relationships, not short-term.

How To Build Gymnastics Performance Teams

Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science