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Must Hear Advice for Sports Medicine Providers on Delivering Better Clinical Care

Today on the podcast, I’m extremely excited to bring you part two of my conversation with Medicine Redefined hosts Dr. Altamash and Dr. Darsh in which we have a fantastic discussion on delivering better clinical care.

Anyone who is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, medical doctor, you really need to hear this conversation because we have a great talk around how to have a better quality of care for athletes, and making sure that healthcare providers are happy with their jobs in the process. 

We talked quite a bit about the communication between physicians and medical or rehab providers on the other side of surgery or rehab diagnostics, we also dive quite a bit into lower back pain and how to unpack that because sometimes it’s a pretty frustrating and challenging thing to deal with. 

Discussing return to sports and how we can foster a better pathway back into some of the more high-level stuff that a lot of people struggle with. 

And we delve into how can we create a better overall medical system with better quality of care for patients and athletes to make sure that we’re not just getting stuck in a rut of just going through the motions and feeling burnt out or frustrated.

That we’re actually delivering really high quality of care. 

A really great discussion here which I enjoyed talking with them about this, so do me a huge favor and head on over to their podcast after you listen to this because they have phenomenal discussions with great physicians and medical providers about some really hot topics that are going on:



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Must Hear Advice for Sports Medicine Providers on Delivering Better Clinical Care

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Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science