The Biggest Gymnastics Flexibility Mistakes I Made As A Younger Coach, and What I Do Now

Today’s podcast is a heavily requested topic I get asked about frequently.

What is the best approach to flexibility?

What have I learned? What have I changed? What do I do now when making flexibility programs?

In this episode, I summarize five of the biggest mistakes that I used to make as a younger coach and medical provider, and what I do differently now based on all the things that I’ve read, learned, and the people I’ve worked with.

I have spent the last 10 years working on flexibility as it was something I was really interested in as a younger coach. 

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I’ve learned a lot of things that don’t work, I’ve seen a lot of things that do work. 

In the podcast I break down exactly what the research says about how many days you should stretch, the most effective exercises to do, ways to make things actually stick long term for kids that are really struggling with split or handstand and flexibility and how do we apply this to sports that need a lot of flexibility like rhythmic gymnastics, cheerleading, dance, and circus.

I’ll explain how to apply science-based evidence methods to make flexibility training more effective plus save time and save effort, but also keep it as safe as possible.

I DISCUSS; Why consistency not intensity is key.

Which type of stretching is the best.

What is the most effective dosage for stretching?

The importance of eccentric strength training for flexibility.


Does stretching change muscle length over time or does it change our tolerance to stretch?

If you are interested in flexibility training, we have put this podcast out in conjunction with a huge course launch that we’ve been working on,

The Gymnastic Flexibility Blueprint

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The exact split, pike, pancake, shoulder, wrist, and ankle flexibility circuits that I use, all the exercises that are really important, plus the best active flexibility drills.

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The Biggest Gymnastics Flexibility Mistakes I Made As A Younger Coach,

and What I Do Now

Research papers discuss on the podcast;

Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science