I’m incredibly happy to get this podcast out to the world where Hiroaki Sato, the personal coach of gymnastics legend Kohei Uchimura, shares his invaluable advice that I think everyone needs to hear.

It takes a very special athlete and coach duo to continue with the success that Kohei has had. When we were introduced via mutual friends, I jumped at the chance to get him on the podcast and ask him questions. In this hour long podcast we talk about

  • How Hiro came to be Koehi’s coach
  • Hiro’s 3 most important coaching philosophies
  • How Hiro and Kohei plan their practices, weeks, and balance of work to rest
  • The value of using current science and biomechanics in practice
  • How communication and teamwork helps them for big gymnastics events
  • Their plans for leading up to Tokyo and beyond

I promise you will not want to miss out on this invaluable advice! You can listen to the entire podcast here

Kohei Uchimura’s Coach, Hiroaki Sato, Shares Must Hear Advice