I’m beyond excited to announce that my brand new online gymnastics course, “Keys to Developing Flexibility and Strength in Gymnastics” is officially here! I have been working nonstop with my good friend and Strength Coach, Rupert Egan, to create this online course that will give everyone involved in gymnastics the tools they need to maximize flexibility, increase strength skills, skyrocket gymnastics performance, and reduce injury risk.

I can say without any doubt that this is the best and most comprehensive work I have ever offered for gymnastics training. I am very proud of the course Rupert Egan and I put together. We really think it is going to revolutionize gymnastics training, and ultimately help gymnasts lead longer, healthier, more successful careers. The testimonials and feedback we have gotten have been incredible. This is one my favorites,

“We have seen huge success during our gymnastics training by implementing the new flexibility and strength ideas within this course. I firmly believe it is time for us gymnastics professionals to open our eyes and minds to improved systematic approaches that get our athletes stronger and keep them healthier. SHIFT’s online course “Keys to Developing Flexibility and Strength in Gymnastics” does exactly that.”

Chad B. Owner of Metro South Gymnastics Academy

The best part is, everyone can learn from the comfort of their own couch at their own pace! No long travel hours, hotel bookings, clinic registrations, or time off from work needed.

Rupert and I have spent the last 4 years researching, experimenting, and working with hundreds of gymnasts to find the best methods for gymnasts to gain flexibility, improve power, improve gymnastics performance, and lower their injury risk. This is all in an effort to help them lead longer, healthier, and more successful gymnastics careers. In this course we cover

  • The current science of gymnastics flexibility training, and what specific approaches can increase flexibility, make changes stick long term, and not lead gymnasts down a path to injury
  • A new hybrid model of gymnastics strength training that will build traditional gymnastics specific strength, but also help gymnasts unlock huge amounts of strength and power 
  • How to practically implement flexibility, strength, power, and cardio training into the gym the next day. Along with learning what to do during different phases of the competitive year to maximize meet performance and reduce overuse injury/burnout risk
  • 3 hours worth of live lab demonstration for all concepts, hours of extra exercise video follow up, and a massive resources section within each module to help readers fully understand ideas
  • Directly downloadable training examples and worksheets for flexibility circuits, strength, cardio, and training weeks to be used in the gym

This course is absolutely jam packed full of gymnastics content, and I promise you will not regret enrolling. To learn more about the course and see video previews just follow the link here,

I hope you enjoy reading more about the course, and decide to enroll so you can learn the massive amount of gymnastics information we have put together for you. Enjoy!

– Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science