Really pumped to have someone on the podcast who can speak to the men’s gymnastics side of the sport. Jon Horton has quite the epic accolade list. He is a multiple time Olympian for Team USA (winning a silver medal on high bar), is an alumni to Oklahoma Gymnastics, has multiple world medal finishes, and now has moved on into the world of motivational coaching and Ninja Warrior.

Jon has one of the best perspectives on men’s gymnastics as he has not only lived through many ups and downs, but he also has existed in multiple sides of the sport. I think the advice Jon gives to young male gymnasts, their coaches, and their parents is invaluable.

We sat down and talked on the podcast, and Jon gave some great thoughts on

  • How to develop young male gymnasts safely and for the long term
  • How he managed his ego and became a better gymnast because of it
  • How he recommends parents and coaches work with young gymnasts
  • His thoughts on managing fear and competition pressure
  • Why he feels gymnastics needs to update their methods and spend more time collaborating

You can find the entire interview below on iTunes, Spotify, or Podcast.  Hope it helps!

Jon Horton on Men’s Gymnastics Development and Building
Athlete’s Long Term