Anyone who is familiar with men’s gymnastics knows that Mark Williams, Head Coach of Oklahoma University Men’s Program and 2016 Olympic Head Coach, has quite a list of accolades behind him.

Mark has not only made the journey from coaching preschool classes all the way up to coaching Team USA on the international stage, he has also had great success while doing it. Oklahoma Men’s Gymnastics has had countless conference and NCAA titles, with many of their athletes going on to represent team USA on the international stage.

I was really fortunate to sit down with Mark for an hour and talk about a great range of topics. Of these included

  • 2019 World Championships, and how he felt Team USA did
  • The new leadership at USA Gymnastics, and his interactions with Li Li Leung
  • Mark’s thoughts on the year coming leading up to the 2020 Olympics
  • What he thinks coaches and gymnasts need to be successful during meet season
  • How he thinks about recruiting and running practices
  • His best advice for young coaches and gymnasts just getting started

For anyone looking to gain some serious knowledge and insight into blending the art and science of coaching, you will definitely want to hear this episode. Hope it helps!


Mark Williams on World Championships, USA Gymnastics,
and Creating Coaching Success