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Essential Mens Gymnastics Strength, Technique, & PreHab with Patrick Redfern

Today on the podcast by popular request, we are talking about all things Men’s Artistic Gymnastics with Australian gymnastics coach Pat Redfern.

Pat is a shining example of a coach who has gone above and beyond with his continued coaching education. 

He has a wonderful approach to working with young male gymnasts to help develop long-term careers which have led him to travel the globe to further his knowledge with gymnastics experts.

After gaining a Bachelor of Sports Coaching and Exercise Science, Pat has:


  • Spent 7 weeks in Japan visiting high-performance clubs
  • Coached at International Gymnastics Camp in the US, 
  • Took part in the “High-Performance Coaching Tour” in the US
  • Spent one month in the UK visiting high-performance clubs, attended GymCon and a National Training Camp while there
  • Qualified as a FIG Brevet Judge 
  • Was the first Australian to attend the European Union of Gymnastics Junior Camp in Thessaloniki in 2022. 

This passion for overall education keeps his athletes safe, having fun, engaged, and allows him to manage the craziness that is young male gymnastics. 


We discuss:

How to manage a group of eight to ten-year-old wild animals that are boys, to focus and do gymnastics.

Learning to fall safely.

How to have fun and discipline.

What to focus on with younger gymnasts to achieve long-term success.

2 tips you need to know to improve your handstand hold.

How to develop excellent swings.

The best method to help athletes understand vision and where to look in skills.

How to avoid kids developing mental blocks with flyaways.

Keeping shoulders safe and healthy with prehab.

A step-by-step guide to developing flawless pommel circles.

7 ways to prevent growth plate and wrist injuries in men’s gymnastics.


Simple things you can do to further your coaching education and connect with gymnastic experts. 


Essential Men’s Gymnastics Strength, Technique, & PreHab with Patrick Redfern



Pat recently shared the knowledge he’s learned at the Shift Symposium giving two insightful presentations on ring swing development and high bar dismounts. To see the fantastic content Pat is putting out you can follow him on Instagram:


OR watch his Shift Symposium lectures:


Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science